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वेध 2035 - ऑनलाईन विज्ञान परीक्षा नोंदणी बंद झालेली आहे.

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Words of Appreciation

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The exam was really very nice. After giving this exam as a student I have the satisfaction that I have learned some profound knowledge that to in many sectors of science at nominal rates. The study material encouraged experimental learning which cleared all the concepts. While solving the quizzes as well as the final exam I understood that for learning science you should go till its depth. I really appreciate the efforts of Lagvankar Sir, Lagvankar Madam, Ghaisas Sir and of all the team. I will always remain thankful to you. Your's sincere candidate.

Piyush & Prisha Bhosale


I am studying in class 6th. I had participated in Vedh 2035 science examination. It was very nice experience. The videos were very interesting and informative. Thank you for conducting such an amazing exam.

Aditya Pimple


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Last Year's Winners & Results

First Level Exam
(For 6th and 7th Std. students)


Meghana G


Aayush Vinay Shah


Ishita Ratnadeep Malkhare

Second Level Exam
(For 8th and 9th Std. students)


Param Ravindra Bhaiwal


Vedant Sujit Sakre


Arnav Nigam

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The Format and Amazing Prices

First Exam – For small group – for students studying in class 6th & 7th.

Second Exam- for a large group- for students studying in class 8th & 9th, the students in this group can also give the first exam, they just need to fill a separate application form. However, they will not be considered for the prize or any awards.

Students enrolled for a total period of 8 weeks- On the website the study material will be given in 4 phases

Study Material will be provided in the form of PDFs, Videos etc.

The Format and Amazing Prices




Large Experiment Kit

Medium Experiment Kit


Vedh 2035 Online School Science Examination -2022 Syllabus


Curriculum and Scope of Vedh 2035 First Level Exam (For 6th and 7th Std. students) Second Level Exam (For 8th and 9th Std. students)
Physics Motion, force and machines; Energy; Sound; Heat; Electricity; Magnetism; Light Force and Motion; Work and energy; Current Electricity and its effects; Sound; Light
Chemistry Elements, compounds and mixtures; Metals and non-metals; Chemical and physical changes; Acids and bases; Natural resources: air, water and soil. Atomic structure; Chemical reactions; Carbon and carbon compounds; Green chemistry
Botany Plant biodiversity and adaptation; Different parts of plants and their functions; Growth, movement and response in plants; Nutrition in plants. Different life processes in plants; Modern technologies in botany.
Zoology Diversity and adaptation in animals; Microorganisms; Growth, movement and response in animals; Diet and nutrition. The human digestive system, Nervous system; Respiratory system; Reproduction system; Excretory system
Astronomy Our solar system; Constellations; Meteors, asteroids and comets The life of stars, Space exploration, Space missions
Time Table

Vedh 2035 Online School Science Examination -2022 Time Table

May 15, 2022 to November 19, 2022

Date (From – To) Action Details
May 15 to August 20, 2022 Admission procedure Fill in the registration form and pay the fees of 250/-.
14th August to 04th October Posting the Course material on website 14th August to 04th October (First stage: 14/08, Second stage: 04/092, Third stage: 18/09 and Fourth stage: 02/10) Within which PDF content, video lectures-experiments, puzzles, science-games, A short test at the end of each stage (first test 03-04 / 09, second test 17-18 / 09, third test 01-02 / 10 and fourth test 15-16 / 10 / 22).
October 16 to October 30, 2022 Conduct of actual Examination: During this 10 days period, the question paper in two volumes should be solved and submitted.
October 17 to November 14, 2022 Answer sheet evaluation: The answer sheet will be evaluated by a complete computer. Rewards for the first 10 students from the interviews of the first 2% of the students in each of the four exams.
November 15, 2022 Result Result system entirely by a Computer.
16 to 19 November 2022 Certificate distribution
Prize distribution
(National Science Day) (Certificate distribution digitally & attractive prize distribution.)

It Can Be Your Child at the Winner's Position of Vedh 2035.
Fill Up the Form Now and Start Your Child’s Science Journey.

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Grading in Detail

Learn the advanced and unique method of making for Vedh 2035 Online Exam

No. Type of Question Question Format Exam No. of questions Time in Minutes Marks for each question Total Marks
Multiple choice questions Solve the given multiple-choice questions by choosing correct alternative. Segment 1 75 Minutes 40 Marks 40 75 01 40
Multiple choice questions based on picture 10 pictures, two each on Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Astronomy will be shown and one multiple choice question will be asked on each picture. Segment 2 75 Minutes 50 Marks 10 25 02 20
3 Questions based on Video One video of 3 to 4 minutes is shown. Two multiple choice questions will be asked based on each video. Five such videos, one each on Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Astronomy will be shown. Segment 2 75 Minutes 50 Marks 10 25 02 20
Sequencing 10 steps of certain event / experiment / process will be given. These steps are required to arrange sequentially. 01 10 10 10
5 Study material quiz 25% of total marks obtained in the quiz given with the study material Quiz 10 Marks १०
Total Marks : 100

A. Examp is for First Exam – For small group – for students studying in class 6th & 7th and Second Exam- for a large group- for students studying in class 8th & 9th.

A. Study material is avaialble in both Marathi & English Medium.

A. Any school students can appear for exam. Those students who are not studing in school but taking their education from home can also appear for the exam. However if required & requested by team, the student need to present his age proof document.

A. Any country student can take this exam.

A. With the help of right login & Password, it will be visible & usable from MaViPa's own website.

A. No. The provided study material is enough for exam preparation. The exam will be conducted based on the given study material only.

A. To log in to Vedh 2035, you simply visit the link and submit the credentials that you have already received on your registered email ID.

  • Forgot your password? Lost it? Or simply wish to change it as per your requirement, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the Login page-
  • You will be redirected to the Password reset page ( where you need to submit your username.
  • Once submitted, you will be receiving an email from MaViPa with a link redirecting you to reset your password.
  • Click on that link, submit a new password, and you are done.

  • Have you accidentally selected the wrong medium or standard of exam? Don’t worry.
  • Login to the Course Portal from here- by submitting your username & password shared with you on email.
  • After successful login, you’ll be redirected to a screen only once. You can select the language & standard.
  • Once submitted, the information cannot be changed.

A. Incase you have not been receiving emails from MaViPa, you can check the Spam or Promotions tab. If still not received please contact us here:

A. To check out the detailed time table & schedule for Vedh 2035 Online Science Exam, you can visit this page:

Study Material Development Committee

Mr. Hemant Lagvankar, Mr. Anand Ghaisas, Mr. Vikrant Ghanekar, Dr. Tanuja Parulekar, Mrs. Sunit Dharne, Mrs. Priya Lagvankar, Mrs. Charushila Juikar, Mrs. Shubhada Vakte, Mrs. Anagha Vakte, Miss Sucheta Bhide and Dr. Jayant Joshi